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«Five Days» – Eine Geschichte von Elena Hermann

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«Five Days» – Eine Geschichte von Elena Hermann

Eine Frau erlebt immer wieder denselben Tag, beginnend mit dem Aufstehen und einer Tasse Kaffee, obwohl sie den Geschmack von Kaffee nicht mag. Sie geht zur Arbeit als Stuntkoordinatorin und bemerkt, dass ein örtliches Geschäft geschlossen ist. Nach der Arbeit geht sie zum Yoga und kehrt nach Hause zurück, wo sie sich entscheidet, nicht zu kochen, sondern Essen zu bestellen. Jeden Tag erlebt sie jedoch ein schreckliches Ereignis, das in ihrem Tod endet, und sie findet heraus, dass sie in einer Zeitschleife gefangen ist, die immer wieder denselben Tag wiederholt.

„Time to start a new day“, she said to herself whilst getting up way too early in the morning to function. She walked to the kitchen while stretching, trying to wake herself up. After having had a cup of coffee, which was unusual for her as she disliked the bitterness, she got ready for her work day. On her way to the film set, where she worked as a stunt coordinator, she passed the Tilmann bakery.  She usually picked up her lunch there but she saw that it was closed for the day. Instead, she decided to buy a fruit salad at the store next door. After work, she went to her regular yoga class at the gym and when that was over she made her way back home. Once she arrived home, she decided to make herself dinner. Unlike the rest of her family, she wasn’t a great cook, so she threw together a simple tuna sandwich. Putting her all into everything she did had left her exhausted. So feeling slightly weird she lay in her bed and fell asleep easily like any otherday.

Whilst getting up way too early, she motivated herself by saying “time to start a new day!” She stretched before making her way to the kitchen. She made herself a cup of coffee, sipped at it and recoiled at the bitterness. She then got ready for work and made her way to the film set. On the way, she picked up her lunch at the Herrson bakery because her usual Tilmann bakery was closed and she didn’t feel like having a fruit salad from the store next door. She went to her regular yoga class at the gym when she clocked out from her job. After that, she made her way home. Being too tired from a hard days’ work and not being an excellent chef, she decided she’d rather not cook but order-in. She ordered fried chicken with a 1.5 litre coke bottle. Upon trying to fall asleep she realized she had consumed too much sugar from all the coke and was now hyperactive. Having to wake up early the next morning, she decided to take two melatonin pills to counteract the effect of the sugar. When, after 20 minutes, those hadn’t done anything for her she decided to take several more before then easily drifting into sleep in a matter of seconds.

Once again waking up being way too tired to start a new day, she sat up in bed and stretched. She walked into the kitchen and absentmindedly made herself a coffee, only to wonder why she’d done it three days in a row. After her coffee was done, she left for her job. She passed the bakery again, confused as to why it was still closed. Wasn’t it supposed to open again after a day? She was about to buy the  fruit salad at the store next door again when she realized it contained pineapple, which she was allergic to. In hindsight, that would explain why she felt really bad when going to bed two days ago. Instead of buying herself a fruit salad, she bought a ham and cheese toast. Once she got to work, they started shooting the car chase scene in which one of the cars would drive off a bridge. She was adjusting final details on set, which she could’ve sworn she’d already done yesterday. She also thought they’d finished filming this specific scene a day or two ago. Maybe the directors didn’t like it so they were refilming it. She was so deep in her own thoughts that she must’ve missed the director yelling action because the next thing she knew she heard a car engine which pulled her back to reality. She looked up only to see that the cars had started coming towards her at immense speed. Her body froze in terror as she braced for the impact and then she felt herself flying. Suddenly, everything went black.

She woke up, ready to start a new day.  She remembered the feeling of havingbeen hitby a car. It must have been a dream but it felt so real. Could it have been? She made herself another coffee and went to work. Whilst walking past the Tilmann bakery she was still thinking about the car. Suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks. The shop was still closed and the sign was still hanging there. Surely that couldn’t be right, the store was only supposed to be closed for one day. Thinking about it,it felt like across the past few days several things had stayed the same. She started walking again, this time noticing the little details around her. The yellow car in the parking lot, the activist protestesting about the climate. How had nothing changed since yesterday? Matter of fact since the day before? At work they were filming the car scene once more. Why? Why did they have to film it again when that was the only thing they had filmed for the past three days? Again she was adjusting the same details on set as the days before, rethinking every detail that the past several days  had in common. When she looked up she saw the cars rushing towards her as, the day before. It was at that moment that she realized it hadn’t just felt like the day was repeating. It was actually repeating. The cause always being her death: the allergic reaction, the melatonin, the car crash. Knowing what would happen next, she reacted in time and jumped to the side to avoid the cars. Relieved of having avoided another death and thinking she’d escaped the time-loop, she didn’t watch her step and tripped over the prop she had set up only moments before. She lost her footing and fell off the bridge. She knew she had reset the time-loop once again.

When she woke up she simply stated „time to start a new day…”

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